About Us

Frostdate.com is a great resource for gardeners of all skill levels.

On frostdate.com you will find helpful guides and informative articles about gardening. We show you when you can start planting in your area. We use USDA zone data to calculate the best time to plant. By planting at the optimum time for your area, you are more likely to grow a successful garden.

We use the concept of USDA zone maps to estimate when the date of last frost will occur in your area. With this information, we help you figure out when to start seeds and when to plant out seedlings. We also tell you when the average first frost is. Using that data, along with time to harvest data for each plant, you can come up with a complete planting window for your garden.

Our Story

Frostdate.com was created in 2016 as a place to find expert advice and tips to make gardening easier and more fun. We provide detailed information about over 400 different plants and suggest the best time for planting in more than 4,000 different cities.

We have been gardening in various locations in the pacific northwest for over 30 years. We have experience growing garden vegetables, herbs, flowers, berries and fruit trees. We have created various outdoor spaces and designed planting beds to fit around them. We have tried all sorts of different gardening techniques and have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. We have discovered successful ways to grow plants in a variety of different micro climates.

We continue to enjoy gardening and are always looking for new ways to make it easier and more fun. We hope that you enjoy our site and find as much success in your garden as we have.

You can read more about us at Port Forward.